a new START for an Urban Public KHLONG

StartU.P.KHLONG is born with the idea to reconnect the historic soul of Bangkok - the Khlong - with the near Future.


Called The “Venice of the East,” since the middle of the 18th century, Bangkok has based its connection, market, transportation, and commerce on the canal system.

Today, on one hand, the conception of the canals (Khlong) is mainly limited to the public transportation and the touristic sectors (such as  floating market and boat tours).

On the other hand, beside the use, the perception that the city and the inhabitants have about the Khlong is mostly negative. Indeed, it is easy to connect the idea of the canals with the idea of pollution, diseases, and slums.

Thanks to this prevalent attitude, the canals have been detached from the conception of Urban Space.

As a consequence, the canal system is just a passive tool that Bangkok's inhabitants exploit during theirs everyday life.


StartU.P.KHLONG recognizes the Khlong as a real and active Urban Space. Turning the situation around, seeing the canals as a means to reach the slums and as a space that it is still immune to the fight that exist around the Land’s issues.

With this idea in mind, SUPK provides support for any project that can help to overturn that situation.

The projects are mostly based on equipped boats that can reach the communities closed to the canals in order to connect their reality with the next future.

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